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Google Maps New Update:  Google has rolled out a useful update on the "Saved tab" in  Google Maps. Now Google allows us to bookmark our favourite locations, you can sort your locations like "favourites", "Starred places" or you can create a custom list too. The latest update is quite useful for the users, which helps us to arrange places like, recently saved and how close we are ( If you have turned on your location).
Now it's quite easy to find, our visited locations during recent past vacations, in the new feature that organized it all by city, time, region or country.  These updates make it easier to create your wishlist and the list of places that you have visited. After having such useful updates, the user experience of "Saved tab" frustrate me at times.
If we have saved a lot of places then it disarrays your map view, the only way to organize better if we toggle the label of the places. It allows hiding the individual list only, which sometimes stops to save more places.

google maps new feature
Source-Google|Image By- Gadgetstouse

Youtube Removed More Videos:  The world's biggest online video sharing platform Youtube has revealed some figures of the videos of this year. Youtube took down 11.4 million videos between April and June this year. This figure is slightly higher than in the same period of the previous year, this figure was 9 million in that period. The company has explained the reason behind it, due to Covid-19 they relied on systems algorithm instead of manual reviews. 
The company has already instructed its employees about work from home policy up to the end of this year. A report has said, Youtube took down 19,98,635 channels and 2,13,23,67,731 comments between this period. In addition to this, took down videos through automatic flagging was 1,08,49,643 and 382,499 videos had removed through user reports and the trusted flaggers flagged the 167,318 videos.

youtube takedown more videos 2020
Source-Google|Image By- TechHindustanTimes
Youtube said as we removed videos that violate its policy, we also knew, creators will appeal us for our action against their videos. We got the 166000 appeals in the first quarter of this year and in the second quarter this figure was 325,000 against removing the content. To handle such a huge review process, we expanded our team to process the request quickly.   
Google's Youtube has also shared a chart which shows the reason behind the videos takedown, there were 33.5% videos removed due to child-safety issues, 28.3% videos takedown flagged as spam and misleading.

youtube chart 2020 videos
Source-Google|Image By- TechHindustanTimes

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Another Unpacked Event: Samsung has decided to re-organize the event of Samsung galaxy Z fold 2. Earlier in August Samsung organized an event where it launched Galaxy Z fold 2 with four other devices. Now Samsung going to schedule the launching event again on 1st September. The event will be virtual and it will reveal all the features of Galaxy Z fold 2.
The device has already been launched in the UK at the price of 1799 pounds ( INR 166,000/-). This phone is already available for pre-orders and the company will start its shipping on 17 September. Samsung still has not revealed the details about the launching in India. We could expect it will be less expensive than First fold which was launched at the price of INR 199,000.
Now let's know about its specs, it will run on Snapdragon 865+ chipset, have 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, phone having battery backup of 4500mAH. it comes with a 6.2 inches super AMOLED cover display, 7.6 inches super AMOLED screen of the exterior display, with the refresh rate of 120Hz. Now about its camera setup, it has a triple rear camera of 64-12-12-megapixel with a dual selfie camera of 10-megapixel. 

samsung galaxy fold 2
Source-Google|Image By-  FinancialExpress

Google Assistant With More Recommendations:  Google has rolled out the new feature of Google Assistant for both the platform iOS and Android. The feature is called "Snapshot" and Google has updated it last in 2018. Basically, Snapshots is all based on your existing data and the latest updates, it captures all your data and makes your day as per the time of the day and our interactions with Google Assistant. The previous version shows commute time, reminders, upcoming flights, upcoming schedules and stock market updates. Now Google has added more activities that make it more useful for its users.
The additions Google has done in its latest version includes upcoming birthdays, holidays, Google has also expanded the data of its recommendations previously it suggested only Youtube videos or Spotify songs. Now in these new additions, it will show from your existing data and suggests you new recipe ideas, podcast and restaurant too.

google assistant new feature
Source-Google|Image By- Dailyhunt

Google has made some changes to access it, we can access it simply by saying, "Hey Google, show me my day" previously, we had to tap on the bottom left corner to access. We have also got some changes in the notifications too, now we will get the notifications of upcoming birthdays along with upcoming events, flights and bills. Google Assistant's this feature yet supporting only the English language.

Facebook Plans New Service In UK, India, Brazil: Facebook has a plan to launch a news service in multiple countries like the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, India and Germany in the next six months. Facebook has already started news service in the United States last year. The company has currently a partnership with US publishers for news content and original reporting, from more than 200 outlets including Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and thousands of local news organisations.
The company revealed that they using "machine language" in their upcoming product to distinguish news from "other content". Facebook also confirms that only the registered publishers with Facebook's news page index can publish the content with journalistic standards.
A team will work on to select stories for news on Facebook, the team has to focus on trending news, prioritizing the stories with original reporting.

facebook new service 2020
Source-Google|Image By- CampaignLive

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