The Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extension You Should Try

Google Chrome, the best browser for any device whether you are using mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet. It's faster, lightweight and secure which provides you with the best browsing experience. The best feature that makes it more amazing, useful, most productive source and the user friendly its large extension ecosystem. There are thousands of extensions that are available on the chrome web store, some of them might be available for your smartphone on play store or app store. 
You can get any of the available extensions from the web store(mostly free), to make you more productive, enhance your browser's ability and get hassle-free browsing experience.

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Hover Zoom+: This extension lets you view the image on the web in a pop-up manner without opening it. You just need to hover over or place the cursor over the image, the thumbnail. Whenever you search images on Google, Reddit and Imgur we have to click on to the image for large view. By using this extension we just need to hover over the image and we will get the expanded view without opening in a new window. Hover Zoom+ also works well with animated images like GIF and GIFV. We can also scroll the image and video by using the scroll button.

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Feedly:  This is the best place for reading news of your taste. It allows you to discover the news of the featured topic. You just need to select the featured topic and you will get all the sources of that particular keyword or topic. On selecting your favourite publisher you will get all the latest news articles snippet, to get the deeper in to story you can click, read the full post.  

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There are many features which make it more user-friendly and the best source to get the news of your taste. You can add the multiple news publisher and featured topic as well. It lets you organize all your favourite feeds and news in a customized manner like save, read later, mark read and hide. This chrome application gives you a new experience of reading news in a transparent way of your need.

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Evernote Web Clipper: This note-taking mobile application brought for you a quite useful clipping tool for the desktop. You can get this tool from chrome browser web store as an extension. It lets you clip the web pages, bookmark, screenshot for later use.

evernote web clipper chrome extension

 It provides you with the advanced features and flexibility which allows us to customize the web clip in multiple formats and organize it with notes. The scaleable screenshot feature lets you customize with bundles of features that further allows us to tag and add notes to it and save it with any note. You can also sync your notes and clips on your mobile application.

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Strict Workflow: This extension imposes you to concentrate on your work instead of scrolling and searching on social media platforms. It restricts your other website access and limited to your work only. It has listed some "time-killing" social websites and blocks their access for a specific time. 

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We can't access those websites that tend to get us a little distracted from work. It designed like to focus on work to get productivity and then gives you relax from work to check your news feed on your social media platforms. It alarms us when work time gets finishes, to get some relax. We can also do the changes in the list of blocked websites and can expand too. The default time to take a break from work stick to 5 minutes.    

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Push Bullet: This extension provides a great advantage to those strict workers that don't like to use the phone during the job. You can operate your phone from your work station without getting a distraction from work. After adding the extension in your browser you just need to follow the given steps to complete the setup and your phone now get connected. 
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Now you can do most of the activity from your desktop without touching your phone. The activities it allows from your desktop includes notifications, send texts, reply on WhatsApp or Facebook, share files and add multiple devices. You can also add multiple devices and can operate it from a desktop. The app is available only available for Android users not for iOS users.

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Session Buddy: This tool lets you open the previous session of your browser whether you have opened ten tabs or ten windows. Session buddy allows you to save your browser session for future reference, you don't have to type all the URL's again and again in every session. You can save your all tabs and windows in a single session and just need to click on the saved session to reopen. We can also rename or modify the saved session. This tool allows us to import, export and backup all the session in different formats.

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Gmail Boomerang : The most useful tool for email users that always worried about email follow up, replying on time, organizing emails and worried about did the recipient has read the email or not. Now we don't have to look up such things by using "Boomerang For Gmail" we will actually feel the new experience of email. This extension has all the possible feature that an email must-have. Auto-response, email writing assistance by using AI, Read receipt, email scheduling, pause inbox and lots more.

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It has all the feature that Gmail has missed, now say thanks to Boomerang for such awesome features. To stop receiving emails, We can pause the entire Gmail inbox for a specific time, by enabling auto-responder the "sender" will also get notified about pausing inbox. We can also request the read receipts and track the link clicks of email.
For follow up of an email, it reminds us when no reply by the recipient, we can set the time with a note to take the follow up of sent email. The "live schedule" will allow us to share our schedule with others to schedule a meet. By using machine learning Respondable assistant help us to write an effective email that gets replies. There are more features which makes your email communication more effective and gets respond.

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Grammarly: This one is the best and great writing tool for those who write emails or formal communication. It's AI-powered technique help us to write error-free writing whether you are writing your email, searching on the web or chatting on Facebook. it helps to detect and correct our all kinds of grammatical errors, you will be suggested by its "AI-powered system", that will help to correct your written content. It' not only rectify your errors also helps you to write perfect and suitable words for your writing. This amazing AI-powered writing assistant works in emails and messages like Gmail, yahoo and messenger etc., support online documents and tools like Google docs, jeera etc. and even on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter etc. 

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LastPass: If you want to store all your password across multiple devices then this is the best available extension. LastPass not only the password storage tool also helps you to generate a strong password. After signing up,  you just need to remember a master password to get in. There are so many options which allow you to save your personal details in the web vault.

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 In addition to passwords, Any kind of personal data like payment cards, bank accounts, driving license, private notes, confidential URLs etc. LastPass offers flexibility to the user, it allows us to add an item into the vault-like passport, social security number, insurance policy number, etc. 

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We can access all the web vault data on our mobiles too, after logging on to mobile you can operate your web vault from your mobile. There are lots more features it offers like password capture, multifactor security, password generator, emergency access, password sharing. For accessing all these features, you just need to download the extension, to provide an extra layer to make all your confidential data more secure.

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Similar Web: if you are a digital marketer and looking for a website analytics tool then this extension is quite useful for you. "SimilarWeb" provides you with large enough data that will help you to take decision based on data. After getting the extension, open the website that you want to get deep in, now launch the extension it will show you all the data like global index, traffic overview, referral, search, social, advertisement, audience interest and more.

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 It allows comparison which helps us to compare with our competitor to knows the areas of improvement to be the best in the field. This is not much like Google analytics but a quite handy and ideal tool for quick comparison for digital marketers.

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