Gmail Tips and Tricks: 7 Gmail Secrets That Boost Your Productivity.

If you are a professional or businessman you always looking for different ways to increase your productivity. What if you have to handle, process or respond hundreds of emails of clients on a daily basis. If you don't know tips, tricks, shortcuts and secrets of Gmail you could never survive.

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In such a busy schedule we couldn't have enough time and we could able to use only basic features. By using Gmail, With having hundreds of productivity-enhancing features it's a little bit difficult to find and learn something new in the occupied schedule, that helps to increase our productivity.

In today's article, I have rounded up some tips and tricks that make your day.  


1. Schedule an Email:  With this feature of Gmail, you can schedule your email whenever you want to get sent. For scheduling email, You just have to click the drop-down arrow button exactly next to send button and select the only schedule send option to proceed further. On selecting, it will ask you to set the specific date and time to send the email. Your message will remain in the left pane of Gmail under the label of scheduled until it gets sent.


schedule email gmail tips
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2. Keypad Shortcuts : Gmail is quite a user-friendly interface and full of keyboard shortcuts which let the user handle their emails so easily. it also allows the user to customize the keyboard shortcuts at the desired keyboard button. A user has to compose a new email just to press the letter 'C' compose screen will appear in front of you.

For using all the keyboard shortcuts you just need to enable "Keyboard Shortcuts" through  Settings--> Advanced and enable the radio button of Custom Keyboard Shortcuts. For the complete list of keyboard shortcuts select the "keyboard shortcut" tab from settings. It will list you all the keyboard shortcuts in front of you. You can customize all the actions at the desired keyboard button or can "Restore Defaults" from the right down corner of the window.

shortcut keys settings

Some personal keyboard shortcuts:

d: Compose in new tab

/ : Search mail

r: Reply

R: Reply in new window

f: Forward

gi: Go to inbox


shortcut keys gmail

3. Un-send an Email: Gmail lets you allow un-send an email if you have sent an email to undesired contact Gmail now have provided the option to recall your email even after it is sent. It will opt you to undo your sent email up to 30 seconds.

To set this option, select the "General" tab from the settings, now you can set the time limit to recall your sent email between 5 to 30 seconds. Earlier, allowed us to toggle the undo send option and we could also set the duration between 5 to 30 seconds to recall our sent email. Now Gmail provided the undo send option as default feature we just need to set the duration to recall our email.  


undo send email
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4. Self Destruct Email: Sending confidential data to the company is always risky- now you don't need to worry about it. Gmail has brought a new feature for you to keep your confidential data make secure and provide you with full control over the data even it sent. Gmail's "Self Destruct/Confidential Mode" provides more security to your private data. This amazing feature will not allow the recipient to forward, copied, pasted, print or download the email and you can call off the access from your side before time's up.

self destruct email clock icon

In "New Message/Composing" window you just need to click the small clock with a lock icon which appears on the bottom right corner of the window. This feature lets allow you to set the expiration time which could be 1day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and 5 years. In addition to this, it also provides you with one more security feature which allows us to set the SMS passcode under the label of "Require Passcode". It prompts the recipient to enter the passcode sent by the Gmail to get the access.


self destruct email settings

5. Snooze Emails : A short break from work gives you calm and freshness from a stressful workload. A very kind of feature "Snooze"  has provided by the Gmail which gives you a short break from those emails, that you don't want to reminded by staying in front of your inbox window. "Snooze" the email feature will disappear the specific emails from your inbox to the other box until you want to reappear at the desired time.

For snooze, just hover your pointer over the email in your inbox you will see the clock icon on the right end of the hovered email. We can snooze an email for a day, later in, later in the week, weekend and until next week too. This also allows us to set the specific time to reappear again in the inbox window. Google also has provided a designated "Snooze" box which list you all the snoozed email separately.


snooze email


6. Email Tabs:  Gmail has defined different tabs which helps you to organize your emails separately. You don't have any need to organize or move your emails to the other tabs, again and again, Gmail has defined the tabs like Primary, Social emails (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Quora), Updates (Newsletters, Job Alerts etc.),  Finance and Promos, as per the category, the emails of a particular the category will appear in that tab. All the important emails will remain in your primary inbox and you don't need to move from the other boxes back and forth. To view your social emails and updates you just need to select the tab appears on top of the inbox screen.

To display the different tabs on your inbox screen Goto---> Settings--> Inbox and select the tabs which you want to filter the emails and to appear into your inbox. Now all the selected box will display on your inbox screen in the form of different tabs.

gmail tabs
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7. Gmail Assistant: When we need to find any reference of shopping invoice, payment of subscription or service, travel reservation, dine reservation in our Gmail inbox. We usually don't know what the exact keyword we should search to complete our entire search. To get the desired results we use bundles of keywords again and again. In some cases, we didn't get the desired past reference and we stop searching for it.

find past references

Gmail has already had a feature that works like your personal assistant for you. You can easily track your past payments, reservations, references in one go. You can easily navigate all your past online orders, shopping, payments of services and subscriptions, reservations of flights, hotels, events and even the subscriptions that have expired, all at one place.

payment and subscription window with images

To get this, click on your personal photo appear on the top right corner of your Gmail screen. Now click on the "Manage your Google account" you will find "Payment and Subscription" at the end of the left pane. You can view all your purchases, reservations, subscription and payment methods too.

gmail purchase window

 On selecting the one option you will also find the hyperlink at the bottom of that window which will redirect you on the Gmail and list you all the emails of that.

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