Top Tech News of This Week: 'Netflix Latest Offer','Apple's Major Update', 'Facebook V/s Youtube'..

1. Netflix Offering Lifetime Free Subscription:  Now you can get Netflix subscription free for 83 years or 1000 months. For availing this offer you just need to play a video game. It's looking crazy but it's true you just have to get the highest points in "The Old Guard" game.
Netflix has recently released the "The Old Guard" movie. To celebrate the release of the original movie this platform offering "Immortal" Netflix account to the users. Under this account this platform providing the free Netflix subscription for 83 years. All you need to get this 1000 months free subscription to play the game as a "wield a Labrys immortal and win over hordes of enemies"
You can access this game, visit. It is a browser-based game and based on actual events of the movie. In this game, you will play as a lead character and you have to kill as many enemies as possible. You have to get the max points and stay at the top of the table to be the only lucky winner to get the 83 years subscription plan worth $13,000. This competition has already started on July 17 and will be lasted to July 19. This offer only available in the US.

Source-Google|Image By- Androidauthority 
2. Jio's All in One Offer:  At the Reliance Virtual AGM(Annual General Meeting) on July 15, Aakash Ambani announced Jio Fiber set-top-box which offering for its users, JioTV Plus. During the announcement, Aakash Ambani demonstrated  Jio TV+ which is a content an aggregator that provide users with 12 global OTT platforms Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, Disney Hotstar, Sony LIV, Zee5, Lionsgate Play, Jio Cinema, Shemaroo, Jio Saavn, Youtube and Eros Now, all OTT platforms available at a single platform with a single login. Users can also access the different types of applications from the Jio app store on Jio set-top-box. App Developers can also develop, launch and monetize the apps from Jio Developer program.
Reliance also announced  Jio TV+ also offering unique interactive features, you can participate in a poll or vote your favourite contestant of reality shows. Aakash Ambani further added,  we can also watch the real-time comparison and percentage of the votes which are being counted. 

Source-Google|Image By- Timesnownews

3. 100 New Emojis By Android And Apple:  Google and Apple have announced they will introduce 100 new emojis each later this year. The announcement was being done just ahead of the world emoji day, which has usually used to introduce the upcoming emojis every year. These new emojis will be introduced later in this year upcoming mobile operating system Android 11 and iOS 14. This Friday Emojipedia had shared the first look new emojis for apple users. The new emojis will include the tamale, set of pinched fingers, ninja, coin, piñata, beaver, dodo, bubble tea, nesting dolls, boomerang and an all-gender sign. Apple users can avail these emojis in free updates of iOS, iPadOS and macOS later this year.

Apple's new emoji 2020
Source-Google|Image By- TheVerge

As per google emojis updates, Google will introduce 62 new characters along with 55 skin tones and gender variants. These are will be part of Emoji 13.0 approved by Unicode. Google new emojis will bring like person feeding a baby, two people hugging, women in a tuxedo, an anatomical heart, a new smiling face, teapot, boba tea, food grains tamale, a man in a veil. Google has decided, will redesign some emojis to give a better look in dark mode.

Google and Apple not yet officially announced the launching date of Android 11 and iOS 14. As per some resources, it may be launch on Sept 8.  

4. Qualcomm Snapdragon 875G: One of the most powerful mobile processor Qualcomm has been started working on its next flagship chipset Snapdragon 875G. Presently the company's most powerful processor Snapdragon 865+ will be going to roll out with Lenovo Legion on July 22. As per the information leaked on Weibo Snapdragon 875G is expected to be launch by the first Quarter of 2021 and it will be based on Samsung's 7-nm EUV process.
Company has more plannings about to launching chipset. Along with 875G company has also plan to launch four more chipsets of different ranges. It would be Snapdragon 735G make use of 7-nm process and maybe launch by the second quarter of the year 2021. One more chipset with codenamed SD6853, makes use of the 7-nm process with 5G enabled and will be known as Snapdragon 690.
Two more low-mid range chipset expected to be launch in the fourth quarter of 2020, will be known as Snapdragon 460 and Snapdragon 662.

Snapdragon New Processor
Source-Google|Image By- Weibo

5. New Android Malware: Security researchers at ThreatFabric firm reveal a new Android malware known as BlackRock.  It can thieve your confidential data from more than 300 apps. Researchers have confirmed that it can steal your data from almost all kinds of apps like social, banking, dating, lifestyle, productivity. It is the enhanced version of "Xerxes" that can target up to 337 apps. It has the ability to share your credit or debit card details if you are making transactions from the infected app. BlackRock also works like Trojan, can steal all your credentials.
It is designed so smartly by using "overlays" technique, whenever the user interacts with a legitimate app through infected, it steals all your personal data.
You can judge its potential, by it can take full control of your phone by using Android's Accessibility feature. If we have installed one of the 337 apps then BlackRock can control your phone by giving itself the admin access, then it may able to perform various automated task like SMS interception and logging key taps.

new android malware 2020
Source-Google|Image By- TechHindustantimes
The positive aspect is that As of now it hasn't yet found the way to Google Play Store. It is getting spread through websites that offering us fake Google updates packages and Android apps.

BlackRock can perform  more 'invasive' operations like: 

  • Overlaying: Dynamic (Local injects obtained from C2)
  • Keylogging
  • SMS harvesting: SMS listing
  • SMS harvesting: SMS forwarding
  • Device info collection
  • SMS: Sending
  • Remote actions: Screen-locking
  • Self-protection: Hiding the app icon
  • Self-protection: Preventing removal
  • Notifications collection
  • Grant permissions
  • AV detection

6. Facebook Rivalry With Youtube: A very soon you will able to watch officially licensed music videos on Facebook. The rivalry with Youtube has all set and will start this from next month in the United States. Music artists have already got the email from Facebook in which the Page owners got advised updating their page settings. These settings will allow adding their music videos on their page before the deadline of August 1st. If there is no action will be taken in this regard Facebook will automatically create a page for their videos.

settings fb page music
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The best thing about this new feature, artists don't have any need to upload their videos or give any links.  The new featured setting will automatically allow Facebook to add music to a page. This newly added music videos you can find it on the artist's page videos tab. After enabling the settings, the artist still can edit or delete the videos from their page at any time. As per the email sent by Facebook to the music artist, Whenever a new music release by the artist or company the video would be automatically shared on their Facebook page. This will help to reach more followers. The users have also right to view, like, share, comment on posts. Artist can also make some changes in their auto-generated post like edit in title, description, tags or thumbnails. 

settings fb page
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7. Apple's New Major Software Update:  Every year apple launch major software updates for its mobile. This year Apple launched iOS 14, the iPhone 6s and its later versions are compatible with iOS 14. Apple had already previewed iOS 14 during the World Wide Developer Conference(WWDC) the previous month. Beta version so far has launched for developers testing now it is available for the public. Apple may officially launch it in September.

Here are some of its picture highlights of iOS 14 and its features.  
ios 14 2020 highlights
Source-Google|Image By- Hindustantimes
    01/016 AppleiOS 14:  Wallpaper
ios 14 2020
Source-Google|Image By- Hindustantimes

02/016iOS 14:  Box Size Widget Section

Source-Google|Image By- Hindustantimes

03/016iOS 14: Music Player

Source-Google|Image By- Hindustantimes
04/016iOS 14: Messaging App
ios 14 features 2020
Source-Google|Image By- Hindustantimes
05/016iOS 14: App Library  

ios 14 app clip 2020
Source-Google|Image By- Pcket-lint

06/016iOS 14: App Clip

Source-Google|Image By- Pcket-lint

07/016 iOS  14: App Library

ios 14 siri 2020

Source-Google|Image By- Pcket-lint

08/016iOS 14: Enhanced Voice Assistant Siri

Source-Google|Image By- Pcket-lint

09/016iOS 14: Home App

Source-Google|Image By- Pcket-lint

10/016iOS 14: Picture-in-Picture Support
ios 14 2020 features

Source-Google|Image By- Pcket-lint
11/016iOS 14: Widgets

Source-Google|Image By- Pcket-lint
12/016iOS 14: Interface

ios 14 features
Source-Google|Image By- Pcket-lint

 13/016iOS 14: Maps
ios 14 features highlights
Source-Google|Image By- Pcket-lint

14/016iOS 14: Fitness App
apple's new ios 2020
Source-Google|Image By- Pcket-lint
15/016iOS 14: Smart Stack

ios 14 new features 2020

 Source-Google|Image By- Pcket-lint

15/016iOS 14: Translate App

The list of devices compatible with iOS 14

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone SE (first generation)
  • iPhone SE (2020 - second generation)
  • iPod touch (seventh generation)

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