The 5 Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps for iPhone & Android

  Privacy and security, we can't imagine our social media life without these two factors. There are lots of things in our life we should need to hide like how much you earn, your medical records, your bank details and your social media accounts detail. I don't think such confidential things anyone would like to share on social media. We always try to enhance our security to keep our confidential records secure as much as we can. Even a complex password is also not sufficient to protect our data when there is always a possibility of a security breach. One layer of security is also not enough to secure our cybersecurity. There were various methods of securities have tested and implemented, like send code via email, via SMS, each and every method have their own flaws. Many of the Tech-Giants have developed Two Factor Authentication App which provides an extra layer of protection to our online data, activity and services.

What is 2FA:  Two-factor authentication adds an additional line of defense to the account owner when you attempt to log in your account. As we already know Two-Factor or Dual Factor authentication usually involves phone number or email address. Whenever we try to log in our account we have to verify our identity either by clicking on the email link or by entering the number sent by the automated system.
If we are travelling and cellular service are not available over there. This is where the authenticator apps beneficial for us. 2FA apps are more secure and flexible than texting. Neither we need cellular network nor we need internet. Most of the 2FA apps have the same process for adding a new account. Just need to scan the QR code for setting up a new account in the app. Afterwards, Whenever you have to login your account, it will prompt you a login code. You just need to open the app and find the randomly generated code associated with your account and required to put that to get logged in.

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Google Authenticator:   The first-ever 2FA app developed by Google, available on google play since 2010. Very easy to set up this app, just need to sign in your google account. Under "Security and sign in" select "Two-Step Verification" and select the Authenticator app after scrolling down. For adding an account in Google Authenticator, there are two options either by scanning "QR code" or by "Manual Entry".  By using the QR code option you just need to scan the QR code from your computer screen and now your account has set up in Google 2FA app. For "Manual Entry"  you will receive a 16-digit code on your email and you have to enter that code to complete the process.

best authenticator app

  • Easy to set up and associate the accounts.
  • Simple UI.
  • Supports more than 30 non-google apps and services.
  • It allows you to keep a list of codes as an alternative if you don't have your smartphone with you.

  • It doesn't support any passcode or biometric lock to keep your codes under your control.
  • You can run it only on a single device, If you are swapping or replace your phone frequently then you have to build the app the entire app from the scratch and sync all your accounts again.
  • It supports only a few mobile os platforms i.e. Android, iOS and Blackberry.
  • It doesn’t allow you to import or export your accounts from other devices.
  • It doesn't show the app icons which sometimes difficult to locate the account we are looking for.
  • You can also capture your screen which should not be allowed.

Download Link: Google Authenticator- Play Store

Rating: 4.1/5.0

Rating: 2.5/5.0

Last Pass Authenticator:  last pass authenticator a multipurpose app which works as your credential manager as well as an authenticator app for your online services and websites. It helps to create and save a strong password for all your online accounts and services. You can also store all of them in the last pass vault too for future login purpose. It is available for both types of users Desktop users can avail its features by using its extension in the browser where they can store all the passwords in the vault. It helps us to make the password stronger and secure. It is available as an extension on all the major browser's web store like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

For Android users, it acts as a 2FA and generates a security code for all its associated accounts. For using Last Pass 2FA after downloading the app login your vault account and go to the "account settings". From the "Multifactor Options" scan the barcode from your Last Pass Auth app link all the required account and services and save your changes. 

best 2fa app

  • Accounts are organized in alphabetical order with the app icons.
  • It allows us to import all the login information from other apps like  1Password.
  • You can generate as well as store your all passwords.
  • Most liked feature by most of its users' Autofill credentials. 
  • Can access it from Desktop as well as mobile also.
  • You can also share your password vault with your trusted one too.
  • If you have to restore your data or access your backup you need to log in your LastPass account which usually use to store password.
  • You must have to enable multi-factor-authentication from LastPass account, you don't have an option either to enable this from within the app or from the other app. Which might be annoying sometimes.
  • Both ones have different functionality and the weirdest thing is that we can access each other neither from app nor from a password manager.

Rating: 4.1/5.0

Download Link:  LastPass Authenticator- App Store

Rating: 2.8/5.0

MS Authenticator:   Another tech giant Microsoft has also introduced the 2FA app. Setting up this app is similar to that of Google. It will ask you whether you want to add your personal or Work MS account. It is optional whether you want to add or not. You can continue with your other accounts (Google, Facebook etc.) either by scanned QR code or manually. It is available on all major platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. It also supports the Multi-Factor Authentication feature whenever you will sign in your MS account you will get a notification on your mobile whether you want to allow or deny the request to sign in. The best thing about this app allows you to sign in from the unrecognized device for this you have to verify your identity through a notification on your phone.

best authenticator app

  • You can enable Multifactor Authentication for adding extra security to your accounts.
  • It allows you to have Cloud Backup.
  • You can restrict your screen capture as you need.
  • You can also access it from an unrecognized device.
  • Screen lock is also an option to provide extra protection to your 2FA app.
  • It displays the account with app icons.
  • Push login lacks sometimes.
  • Cloud Backup/Restore doesn't work most of the times.

Rating: 4.7/5.0

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Authy:  The best ever 2FA app I have ever used, almost without any flaws. You can set up the app by entering your mobile number and email. You have to put the code into it for verification. There is one more option while entering your mobile number you can also choose to use an existing device which allows you to get approval from the device where you have already installed the Authy. A pop will appear on your screen with "Approve or Deny" option. On selecting "Approve" you are in to use.  After that, you can add your account or service from "add account" options from the top.  By tapping on add button it will ask you the password for your account backup. Now you can add your account by using the same method as we followed in previous applications.

For Desktop Setup, it will start from by entering your mobile number after tapping on next you will have three options for verification "Existing Device" "SMS" & "Phone Call". You have to select the "Existing Device" if you are using a mobile app also. A popup will appear on your mobile with "Approve" or "Deny" option. On selecting "Approve", your mobile app will sync with your desktop application too.

good authenticator

  • You can keep your backup on the cloud with encryption. 
  • Now you are free to replace your device any time, because of its multi-device support.
  • You can keep your TOTP more secure by enabling the screen lock.
  • As other 2FA apps support apps with icons, except for Google Auth, this app too.
  • Can't labelled the android devices.
  • It doesn't support push-button "multi-factor authentication".

Download Link: Authy - Play Store
 Rating: 4.0/5.0

Download Link: Authy - App Store
 Rating: 4.7/5.0

SAASPAAS:  The most underrated and most secured 2FA app I have ever used. In this app, you will find each and every possible option that a 2FA app should have. On the very first step of the initial setup, it will ask you to create a four-digit pin. On starting up, you will find QR code with "SAASPASS ID"  and lots of option for adding an online account or service you have to tap on the Authenticator. you can log in either by scanning the QR code or can do the manual login by entering your ID, email or mobile number following by OTP(will find in your app).
 Besides this, you can also sync your app with your desktop. On installing the desktop application, it will ask you to generate a user account password of your Operating System if you have not created. Every time whenever you will log in on the desktop application you will have to enter your system user account password following by push login of your application. you can log in either by scanning the QR code or can do the manual login by entering your ID, email or mobile number following by OTP(will find in your app).

On adding any account it will generate the secret key and recovery set up in parallel also will ask you to manage the password of your account in the password manager. It will also recommend you to install the extension. You can sync all these at once. Your each and every step is secure wherever you are logging in. The best thing about its authenticator you can log in directly account or service from your app or extension or desktop application.  We can also create our secure notes in it where we can write our passwords, pins, credit card numbers etc. you can keep your secure notes online or offline, for backup make sure enable "Online Secure Notes".
2fa authenticator

  • It supports more than 60,000 websites if you didn't found your own even after you can add of your own if you haven't found it in the list.
  • We can add multiple trusted device and can also perform device management too.
  • Every time whenever we log in from any device we will get the push notification on mobile. We can also enable or disable push notification for a particular device. 
  • We can manage all the passwords of all our associated accounts with it and it also allows you to the auto-login of any account.
  • We can also make the strongest password combination with its password generator feature.
  • You can keep all your confidential information by using its"Online Secure Notes" feature.
  • It allows you to change the order and hide the options of your main menu by using "Custom Menu".
  • We can import all our saved user accounts password from desktop by using its "Import Password" from the extension.
  • If we  talk about its availability, it's available on all major platforms whether you are using mobile (Android, iOS and Blackberry) or desktop (Mac and Windows), the extension (Chrome).
  • Keep your app lock by using PIN password or Fingerprint Lock.
  • You can make the clone of your ID in other devices either by using QR code or by manually entering the cloning code. 
  • It not only provides you with the security of online accounts but you can also protect your workstation too from the unauthorized users. It allows you to remotely lock or unlock your desktop.
  • It is just like a security patch. We can't expect a security app allows us to capture the confidentiality.
  • It will take a while to get verified by mobile. (They knows it)       

Download Link: SAASPASS- Play Store
Rating: 4.0/5.0

Download Link: SAASPASS- App Store
Rating: 4.2/5.0

Conclusion: Security is the main concern for every cyber user. We should always try to enhance the security of all our online accounts by using best and trusty security measures. Now you have the enough trusted options to secure your online accounts and services. Try one of these according to your necessity and flexibility. You must turn on or start using 2FA to avoid any loss of your confidentiality.

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