9 secret WhatsApp tips and tricks that you must know

There are hundreds of real-time messaging applications, but whats has lots of features and it's still improving the experience and updating with useful features day by day. it has most widely used and has more than  5 billions users worldwide.

so here are some WhatsApp tips and tricks you must know.

      1. Whom do you text the most:

Step 1:    This will let you know which contact you do text the most.

Step 2:  To get the stats you have to tap Settings -> data and storage usage.    it will list you the contacts that your text/chat most, in terms of data usage.

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2. Read text without getting Online:    This trick allows you to read a message without letting anyone know and even the blue tick feature is still on.

Step 1:  To do this, first of all, you have to put your mobile on Flight /Airplane mode.
You can simply do this from your Notification panel, when you got any message, scroll down the notification panel, switch on the flight mode.

Step 2:  Now you can open your WhatsApp and can read the message too. Your  "last seen" will remain the same, when did you close the app last.

Step 3:  After reading all the messages, you have to close the app and also remove it from the background too.

Step 4:  After closing it completely you can turn your networks on by switching off the flight mode.

3. Text without going online by using google assistant:    now you can send WhatsApp message without going online and typing the message.

Step 1: To do this you have to use Google's integrated service at the core, by using its AI-powered digital "Google Assistant".

Step 2: For activating it you have to say "Ok Google"  or "Hey Google". you can also activate it by "long-press" of the home button.

Step 3: When you see Google's four standard colours moving on the screen then you have to say "Send a WhatsApp message". 

Step 4: Now google assistant will ask you about the contact whom you want to send the WhatsApp message. You have to say the exact name with the contact number saved in your phone.

Step 5: Now it will ask you about what message you have to send. After that, it will ask you for the confirmation. Reply with "Confirm" to proceed with the action.

4. Send text in a different format:  Send text in a different format: you can also format you chat text. 

For italicizing your text, put underscore on both sides of your text

To make your text bold:  put an Asterisk on both sides of your text.


Strikethrough: For strikethrough, your message, put a tilde(~) on both sides of the text:

Monospace: For monospace your text, place three Backticks on both sides :


bold italicstrikethrough monospace

5. Export chat: At times, it’s necessary to backup/save the WhatsApp conversation. Although we should be taking the regular backups of our chats for future reference.  it's quite long to take the full backup of our WhatsApp database. it's very easy to save the complete record of individual conversation. 

 Step 1: To do this, go to the settings tap on the chats, then tap on chat history, you will find the four option Export chat, Archive chat, Clear all chats and Delete all chats.

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Whatsapp tricks picture

Step 2: Tap on the "Export chat" now you have to choose the conversation which of chat you want to save.

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Step 3: After selecting the particular it will ask you whether you want to export with media or without media select one as per your need.

whatsapp tips and tricks android

Step 4: Now a popup window will appear on your screen, will ask you the different sharing options.

Sharing options

Step 5: Now you can share this particular chat by using the appropriate option like WhatsApp, Gmail, Shareit etc.

Step 6:  After sharing you can download it and can open the chat.

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6. Tag someone in a group:  WhatsApp has a feature for group chat participants to tag other participants. The tagged participant will get a notification even if they have muted the conversation.

Step 1: For tag someone in a group, you just need to type the '@' symbol, followed by the name that will pop up as a suggestion.

Step 2: You have to choose from the pop-up menu. you can also tag multiple participants in a single message.

The best thing in it, it also allows you to tag participant that you haven't saved in your contact.

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7. Two-step verification:  it prevents unauthorized access to your account and adds the extra layer of security to the account.

Step 1: Tap on three dots at the top right corner of WhatsApp.

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Step 2: Now tap on Settings from the various available options, tap on the Account option.

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whatsapp tips and tricks android

Step 3: Now you have the Two-step Verification option.

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Step 4: After tapping on it, you have to tap the "Enable" option for further proceeding.

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Step 5: At this step, you have to enter the 6-digit pin or passcode twice.

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Step 6: Now it will ask your Email address, in case of resetting or recover your passcode if you forget.

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Step 7: Now you will get a popup screen "two-step verification is enabled".  

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8. Know the message has read or not even after read receipt is off: We all have such a friend. that always keeps "Read receipts" option turn off in WhatsApp. you still can know whether your friend has read your message or not.

Step 1: Just a simple thing you need to do is, to send a voice message.

Step 2: if your friend will play the voice recording then you will see the blue tick on your end.  Which indicates that your friend has actually viewed your messages.

9. Hide content in the notification:  We might have seen that, Whatsapp notification displays the sender name and preview of the message. This trick allows you to hide message preview and sender name that appears on the notification bar.

Step 1: Tap on three dots at the top right corner of WhatsApp.

Step 2: Go to the Settings of WhatsApp.

Step 3: Tap on the Account options.

Step 4: Now you will see the Privacy option tap on it.

Step 5: Tap on the Fingerprint Lock on the bottom. Enable this, now you will see "show content in notification bar" disable it if enabled.
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whatsapp app tricks

This feature will hide your message preview on the notification bar.

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